Piano repair in Barcelona

The leitmotiv of our company is, precisely, our workshop of restoration and repair of pianos, pianolas, harmonium and keys. This is how it all began five generations ago in 1853.

In our workshop we give life to instruments almost evicted and condemned to oblivion, giving them a new opportunity. We also repair all types of pianos, pianolas, keys and harmoniums.

Experts in piano repair

If you need your piano to look like the first day or a tune-up.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

What makes us different in our piano repair service?

In all restorations and repairs, we use top quality materials and, in all possible cases, original factory material, thus preserving the authenticity of the instrument.

In any restoration, whether complete or partial, it is essential to maintain the character and soul of the piano, in order to update it, but not to change it, in any case to improve it and bring it to its point of origin, recovering its splendour.

reparacion de Jorquera pianos
reparacion de pianos en barcelona
servicio de reparacion de pianos

Artisans in piano restoration

All our technicians are craftsmen with a great trajectory, professionalism and dedication from the varnish shellac to wrist, treatments anticarcoma, carpentry and many other indispensable disciplines, with cabinetmakers of great experience, going through the complete repair of the mechanism until the final touch of the tuning and the harmonization on the part of highly qualified technicians.

Taller de reparacion de pianos Jorquera