Repair and restoration

Our company leitmotiv is, precisely, our restoration and repair workshop, where we fix all types of pianos, harpsichords, pump organs and player pianos. This is how our history began.

In our workshop we revive forgotten instruments, giving them a new chance. Our technicians are artisans with a great career and dedication.

We would like to present you some of our services:

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The support of our tuning technicians is a huge experience and professionalism working with private pianos as much as with the most prestigious concert halls.

A private piano has to be tuned according to the intensity of the use, used by a student or by a professional in either case.

Our recommendation, as the most prestigious brands, is to tune two times per year. Thereby, the piano will be preserved in perfect conditions. However, an annual tuning is the minimum recommended for the preservation of the piano.

A concert hall piano will require special attention. It has to be tuned, regulated and voiced with precision before every performance; besides, it’s a must not let the piano without tuning and voicing during periods of prolonged inactivity.

But, when interfere the personality of each artist, anything can happen. There are pianists that not tolerate the tuners and they tune his own pianos; when they have to perform without his piano they often trust in one experienced tuner.

At the extreme of this tendency we find the known habit of the great pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, who always traveled with his hindu tuner, the only one he trusted to adjust the piano in the conditions he needed and wished. He also required a room in the same conditions for him and the same preferential treatment.

Like Michelangeli, Arthur Rubinstein was accompanied in many of his European tours by Víctor Jorquera, and this led to a great friendship. Other examples of our long trajectory are
Alicia de Larrocha, Victoria de los Ángeles, Montserrat Caballé, Alfredo Kraus among many other great and beloved artists.
The tuner visits the concert hall the day before or the same performance day, spending some hours preparing the instrument.
What is interesting for the tuner is to exchange point of views with pianist in order to do the last tweaks with the artist instructions and likes.

In many cases, the technician is present during the concert to resolve any incident during it. This depends on the intensity of the performance or the pianist technique.

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We elaborate certificates for insurance companies, exports that need the material certificate, as appraisals in order to determinate a piano value.

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Mute system. Headphones

The tone of a piano is wonderful – however sometimes it is time for peace and quiet. Regardless whether you are just starting your career as a major pianist or even it is clearly too late at night. Play a duet with your piano teacher without being disturbed by the environment. Enjoy the Magic Moments Of Silence with QuietTime or other well-known brands.

The mute system transforms your piano in a hybrid instrument, that is, with all the benefits of a digital piano. It allows the reproduction of the sound of some instruments, the recording of all your plays and with the Midi, sound and USB connections; you have the possibility to connect your piano to all kind of pc, tablets and sound systems.

This kind of system could be installed in most of the pianos in the market.

This system is the basic one, but Piano Disc has at your disposal many other products such as, for example, the iQ player system.

The iQ player system is controlled by a music player of your choice. You decide how to operate the iQ – either by iPod, netbook, PC, Apple computer or via your own MP3 player…

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