What digital pianos do we offer?

Below you will see our full range of digital pianos, focused to have a perfect sound and give a new touch as opposed to the traditional piano.

The advantage of buying digital pianos

Digital pianos are perfect for entering the world of music. Their ease and above all their value for money make them very attractive compared to more traditional pianos.

Kawai Digital Pianos

KAWAI, since its creation in 1927, is one of the brands that has invested the most in innovation to adapt and anticipate a constantly changing market. Dedicated solely and exclusively to the manufacture of keyboard instruments, it invests all its efforts and the capacity of its factories to these. Thus creating a range of both acoustic and digital exceptional and according to each level of potential users.

In their range of digital pianos we find everything you could possibly need. Starting with the most basic pianos for beginners/beginners, up to the most expert/professional pianos with more specific and advanced needs. The fact that Kawai is dedicated solely to the manufacture of pianos means that digital pianos come as close as possible to the quality of both sound and touch to the acoustics.

Why choose Kawai digital pianos?

In other words, by going through the entire range of digital pianos, we are finding not only technological improvements that allow the user a thousand and one ways to record, edit, amplify or modulate the sound, but also structural improvements that make playing a digital one a unique experience similar to playing a high-end acoustic.

From the entire wooden key recreating the sensitivity of the original keyboard, through counterweights simulating the dampers of an acoustic piano, to sound boxes in the highest range of such pianos creating a unique sound in this type of digital pianos.

Kawai digital pianos have managed to recreate the experience of having an acoustic piano with exceptional qualities for all those users who do not have the necessary space or budget, with a wide range from beginners to the most experienced pianists. In short, an instrument for each and every music lover regardless of their needs and/or priorities.