Piano tuning service in Barcelona

Our technical refiners are backed by extensive experience, professionalism and qualifications from prestigious factories such as Steinway & Sons, both in pianos for private use and in the most prestigious concert halls.

A private piano should be tuned depending on the intensity of use, whether for a beginner or almost professional student.

Experts in piano tuning

In order for your piano to always sound in perfect condition, it needs to be tuned.

Consult our rates and we will advise you here.

The Importance of Proper Piano Tuning

Our recommendation, as well as that of the most prestigious manufacturers, is two tunings per year. In this way, the piano will be kept in perfect and ideal condition.

However, an annual tuning would be the minimum recommended for the conservation of the piano.

Tuning pianos for the concert

The piano in a concert hall requires special care. It has to be tuned, regulated and harmonized with precision every time it is used; furthermore, tuning should not be abandoned even in prolonged periods of inactivity.

But when the personality of a concert pianist comes into play, anything can happen. There are pianists who do not tolerate tuners and tune the piano themselves; when they go on tour or have to give a concert with a piano that is not their own, they usually rely on a single tuner of proven mastery and experience.

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The tuning of pianos has always accompanied Jorquera

At the extreme of this tendency we can find the well-known custom of the great pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, who always traveled with his Hindu tuner, the only one he trusted to adjust the piano as he wished and needed, for which he demanded in hotels a room of the same category as his own, and the same preferential treatment. Like Michelangeli, Arthur Rubinstein was accompanied on many of his European tours by Victor Jorquera, and this led to a great friendship.

Other examples of our trajectory are Alícia de Larrocha, Victoria de los Ángeles, Montserrat Caballé, Alfredo Kraus, Gabriela Monterio, Joyce DiDonato, Lang Lang, Sokolov, among many other great and beloved artists.

What’s the difference between a piano tuner and a piano tuner?

Our tuner visits the hall the day before or on the day of the concert, spending hours preparing the instrument.

The interesting thing is to be able to exchange impressions with the pianist to give the last touches according to his instructions and tastes. In many occasions, the technician is present during the concert to be able to solve any incident during it. This depends on the intensity of the work or the technique of the pianist.

We put at your disposal all our trajectory and experience.

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