Second Hand Pianos


Exhibition pianos - used pianos - old - pre-owned

At Jorquera Pianos we select used, old or pre-owned pianos, which become real occasions. Given our extensive experience in the market, most of the selected pianos are pianos that we sold ourselves as new at the time, knowing the use and maintenance they have had.

All pianos pass through our workshop making the necessary repairs and / or restorations, giving you the experience of brand new piano.




High quality taking up little space, the most used piano.

GRAND PIANOS re-release

The piano by definition, the highest sound quality.


How does a second hand piano turn into a “new piano”?

The process from which a second-hand or used piano enters our workshop will depend on its condition.

Only enter pianos that can be fully guaranteed once repaired or tuned.

Under these conditions the vital parts of the piano, such as the soundboard and the pinblock, must be in perfect condition.

The restoration-repair process begins, then, which covers all the parts of the piano: strings, pegs, drums, hammers, necessary adjustments of the mechanism, change of the necessary parts, adjustment of pedals, restoration of the cabinet, to finish with the tuning, harmonization and tuning of the piano.

The result is a piano that can be enjoyed again with full guarantees.

All pianos go through our workshop making the necessary repairs and / or restorations, giving you the experience of brand new piano.


Second hand piano brands

Any brand of second-hand piano is likely to become a re-release piano. However, we only choose pianos that can meet different needs, ranging from the first piano to the piano for a professional.

In our selection you will find at all times various brands such as Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Kawai, Yamaha and many other brands.


How to find a second hand piano?

When looking for a second-hand piano, it is important to know what piano you need and how it will be used, as well as the location you have designated for the instrument.

The offer in the market is vast. Many individuals sell their pianos directly on the platforms without really knowing the state in which it is. Some of these pianos are even pianos that we ourselves have dismissed due to their condition, misuse or age.

That is why for a second-hand piano to become a re-release piano, with all the guarantees, it is essential to have the advice of a first-rate professional and a specialized workshop that can solve all your doubts and offer you the piano. that best suits your needs.

Contact us. We can offer you the right piano in unbeatable conditions.


Second hand piano guarantee

The warranty on a piano, whether new or re-run, is one of the most important parts to consider when purchasing your instrument. That is why we offer the same guarantee of technical service to any piano that you may want, equating that guarantee to second-hand and re-release pianos as to new pianos, which includes tunings, adjustments and everything that the piano may need.