Jorquera PREMIUM

Jorquera PREMIUM


Jorquera Pianos has created its own PREMIUM subscription!

Why not do it with our beloved piano and make sure we enjoy it for generations, or even make sure it maintains its value in case it is later sold?

Always have your instrument in perfect condition thanks to our new subscription. For only € 20 a month you assure your piano a long and wonderful life.


What does Jorquera PREMIUM include?

Two FREE annual tunings

Discounts on instrument damage indefinitely.

Priority attention in:

– Repair and restoration

– Reservation of study rooms

– Reservation for concerts at JORQUERA PIANOS

– Extra tunings

JORQUERA Promise: If you have purchased your instrument at Jorquera Pianos, you will have the possibility of exchanging it for a model of a higher range than this one during the course of 10 years from its acquisition.

Do not hesitate to consult the conditions and start taking care of your piano as it deserves!

From Jorquera Pianos we will make sure you can enjoy it for many years!