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Spirio from
Steinway & sons

High resolution automatic interpretation system, our piano will play alone, it will not play recorded music, but the keys will play alone, as if the pianist who recorded the sequence was playing them. Spirio does not record sound, records key impulses.


Música clásica, jazz o pop, tango, boogie-woogie o soul, desde Mozart, Liszt o Tchaikovsky hasta los Beatles, Coldplay o Adèle. Decida qué quiere escuchar en cada momento. La biblioteca de música Spirio contiene más de 130 horas de contenido con más de 2000 archivos de música disponibles en el catálogo principal de música y continúa creciendo cada mes.

Hay tres puntos importantes: Spirio es un piano Steinway & Sons totalmente acústico con el mismo nivel de artesanía que se emplea en cada piano fabricado por la compañía. En segundo lugar, se ha utilizado una tecnología perfeccionada única para capturar un rango de delicadeza y de matices que no había sido posible hasta ahora para que el piano reproduzca con total fidelidad a los artistas y sus obras. En tercer lugar, los usuarios tienen acceso a todo el repertorio de alta resolución grabado en los estudios Steinway & Sons a través de una lista de más de 1.700 artistas Steinway, exclusivamente creada para el Steinway Spirio.


SPIRIO is the first high-resolution automatic interpretation system to live up to the STEINWAY & SONS name. This masterpiece of precision, technology, and craftsmanship offers you a never-before-seen musical experience that has nothing to envy of live entertainment. A simple touch on the iPad® is enough to bring the Spirio to life on Steinway piano.

Classical music, jazz or pop, tango, boogie-woogie or soul, from Mozart, Liszt or Tchaikovsky to the Beatles, Coldplay or Adèle. Decide what you want to hear at all times. The Spirio Music Library contains over 130 hours of content with over 2000 music files available in the main music catalog and continues to grow each month.

There are three big points: Spirio is a fully acoustic Steinway & Sons piano with the same level of craftsmanship that goes into every piano made by the company. Second, a unique perfected technology has been used to capture a range of finesse and nuance that has not been possible until now for the piano to faithfully reproduce artists and their works. Third, users have access to the entire high-resolution repertoire recorded at Steinway & Sons Studios through a roster of more than 1,700 Steinway artists, exclusively created for the Steinway Spirio.


The Steinway SPIRIO | r is the first and only high-resolution self-playing piano that also integrates a recording system. With it you can not only listen to the performances of the greatest Steinway Artists, you can record live and reproduce it faithfully and rigorously, and with a unique editing tool in the world with just your iPad.

With a SPIRIO |r you can experience a whole new dimension. You can play a Steinway & Sons grand piano, let your Spirio play and enjoy the inimitable sound of a Steinway, record your piano playing in Steinway's own high-resolution format, and refine your recordings using the high-resolution features built into the App for your iPAD Spirio unique in the world.




Available in: Black, White, Ivory White
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Available in: Black, White, Ivory White
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Available in: Black, White
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