Model Kawai Pianos

The pianos presented below are the result of generations of experience and refinement. All together, they represent an extraordinary selection of instruments that offer a life of musical pleasure.

Thanks to years of knowledge in intelligent engineering, technique and artistic skill, Kawai has created superb instruments by offering rich, body-filled tones. Kawai combines beauty, style and high performance to offer a fulfilling musical environment for your home and family.

Kawai Grand Pianos

A grand piano is made up of over nine-thousand precision parts… wood, metal, fiber, resin, and many other materials. Just assembling them into the mere form of a grand piano is, by itself, an immense undertaking. But the process of crafting them into a precision instrument capable of translating the subtle expressions of the soul into the language of music… creating an instrument that can truly “sing”… is an art.

Kawai Upright Pianos

Reliability and superior sound quality. The K Series Professional Upright Pianos are engineered for superb tone, ultra responsive touch, compelling beauty and extraordinary performance over many years of rigorous use. Experience them and see why leading performers, educators and institutions have made Kawai the professional’s choice.

What is Kawai?

The Kawai brand, as a brand exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of high quality keyboard instruments, whether acoustic or digital pianos, has achieved the highest possible quality and performance, defining the philosophy of piano manufacturing “made in Japan”, with all that that means. And it is nothing but tradition, specialization, accuracy, durability and quality at an affordable price.

Bearing in mind that every oriental piano has a very characteristic sound, Kawai has known how to give a hand to the European sound, distinguishing between all the pianos of oriental manufacture, as the most European and therefore the best acoustic quality. This feature offers a sweet velvety sound, without losing timbre and sharpness. All this is no more than the sum of all the raw material of the highest quality used in the manufacture of the Kawai pianos; solid top, wooden pegs and pegbox of the highest quality.

The calibre of the rigidity of the pegs makes it a very stable piano in its tuning and making the instrument keep the original tone for a longer period of time, compared to other segment pianos.

Who are Kawai pianos for?

Kawai is a brand thought for all kind of public, from the beginner student, the amateur to the most demanding professional. For this reason, Kawai offers several series thought, each one of them, for a determined “pianist”.

As main distributors of the brand in Catalonia and offer distribution service throughout Spain, it is a pleasure to offer you all the advantages of a Kawai piano, the best piano in terms of segment and quality.