Headphone System

The Silent System

The system that has revolutionized the world of the piano

Whether you are a beginner or a professional or simply want to play late at night, at Jorquera Pianos we offer you the possibility of installing our Silent Systems providing you with a wide range of possibilities and advantages. This system offers you the possibility to play at any time, without disturbing your neighbors or your relatives, giving you endless hours and freedom to practice on your piano whenever you want.

This system can be installed in almost all pianos. Our Silent System offers the most advanced technology with the least impact on your piano. Our specialist system technicians ensure optimal operation of both the system and your piano. In many cases, the system can be installed at your home in a single day.

The Silent System


Under the keyboard, an optical sensor will reproduce the sound with the pulsation and intensity that you want, without losing all the sensitivity that the mechanism of your acoustic piano offers you. A bar, installed in the mechanism in front of the hammers, prevents them from striking the strings. With the Jorquera Pianos Silent System, you will get all the benefits of an acoustic piano at any time of the day and night. Enjoy total freedom with your instrument.

Practice on your piano whenever you want with our Silent Headphone System