Piano repair and restoration


Piano repair in Barcelona

The leitmotif of our company is precisely our restoration and repair workshop for pianos, player piano, harmonium and harpsichord. This is how it all began five generations ago in 1853, there are already 167 years of experience!

In our workshops we give life to almost evicted instruments and condemned to oblivion, replacing damaged elements and carrying out a complete restoration.

We repair all types of acoustic, upright and grand pianos, pianolas, harpsichords and harmoniums.

Restauración de pianos Restauración pianos


What sets us apart in our piano repair service?

In all restorations and repairs, we use the highest quality materials and, in all possible cases, original factory material, thus preserving the authenticity of the instrument.

In any restoration, whether complete or partial, it is essential to maintain the character and soul of the piano, in order to update it, but not change it, in any case improve it and take it to the point of origin, recovering its splendor.

Reparación de pianos
Reparación de pianos


Artisans in the restoration of pianos

Our technical service is made up of artisans with great experience, professionalism and dedication, from shellac to wrist varnish, woodworm treatments, joinery, carpentry and many other essential disciplines, with highly experienced cabinetmakers, going through the complete repair of the mechanism to the final touch of tuning and harmonization by highly skilled technicians.

Reparación de pianos



First you should review it to find the focus of the problem, once you have identified the error it is important to put yourself in the hands of a professional who will advise you on the repair. You can click here to get in touch with our specialists.

At Jorquera Pianos we strive to offer the best repair service, focusing on the quality of the repair materials and that the piano is like new. Discover all the advantages that our piano repair service offers!

We offer a second chance to a multitude of types of pianos We offer support for pianos, pianolas, harmoniums and clefs. You can click here to see our success stories and how we work.

Do not think that you have an old piano, ask us for a budget without obligation for piano repair, tuning and adjustment.

Those pianos that have been damaged, we give them another chance and offer them to new owners as second-hand pianos. Since they have been treated by our experts so that they are again in optimal condition.

Our technical team will give you a free estimate to repair your old or simply damaged piano in our workshops. Our technical service can also install the Silent system. Go to see silent system.

We recommend our piano tuner service with 167 years of experience

We are experts in piano repair

If you need your piano to look like the first day again.