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Know Jorquera

Tradition and vocation

The company Jorquera Pianos was established in 1853 by Ginés Jorquera. Nowadays is managed by Helena Jorquera who represents the fourth generation in front of the business and with the recent incorporation of the fifth generation, Óscar Ramón-Jorquera.
1853 origins of
Jorquera pianos

Ginés Jorquera gave shape to a hobby, studying in Madrid in 1853, on a school-workshop directed by Don Lope De Rey. From these studies we conserve an original of “Método Simplificado del Afinador. Arte de afinar los pianos”, translated by the same master.

After some time, he opened his own workshop in Madrid, where he worked with his son Ignacio Jorquera. Ignacio, turned himself on a renowned professional, and moved to Barcelona with his family at the end of the Spanish Civil War. Upon arriving to Barcelona, he collaborated with brands such as Chassaigne Freres and companies like Casa Albinyana, where he tuned and repaired pianos.

1956-1960 Firsts years
of the family

In 1956 the first treinee was hired. Including him there were three technicians working in the workshop. Ignacio Jorquera, Victor Jorquera and Serafín Marcos. Afterwards he rented the space next to and diversified the activity. On one hand there was the workshop and a little store and on the other hand the varnish and cabinetmaker’s workshop. In 1960, they moved to c/ Copons, 2. Then, Victor Jorquera turned himself into a great disciple of his father.

It should be noted that, at the beginning of the sixties, Victor Jorquera assist Arthur Rubinstein on his world tours, as a trustworthy technician and tuner, on a relationship that went beyond the professional link.

1960-1980 EVOLUTION OF
Jorquera Pianos

In 1964 was opened the store at Avinguda de la Catedral, nowadays Avinguda Francesc Cambó, using as commercial name Jorquera Pianos and the logo, already well known, became a public limited company named SADIM, of which associates where Victor Jorquera and José Jorquera.

During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Jorquera Pianos became a musical reference in Barcelona, in addition of being a source of great tuners such as Salvador Segarra, Joaquim Salamanca, Carlos Calcina, Carlos Sigüenza and Jesús Rodríguez.

1980-1990 EVOLUTION OF
Jorquera Pianos

Victor Jorquera was by those days the technician of entities such prestigious as el Palau de la Música, el Gran Teatre del Liceu, and a trustworthy tuner of stars as Montserrat Caballé, Alicia de Larrocha, Alfredo Kraus, Arthur Rubinstein. Throughout the years, all this references on the pianistic world became part of our own history.

In 1986, Jorquera Pianos moved to c/Moià nº20 and the workshop to c/ Aribau nº 230.

Today Five generations
and one soul
Ginés Jorquera, father of Ignacio Jorquera, grandfather of Víctor Jorquera and José Jorquera, great-grandfather of Helena Jorquera and great-great-grandfather of Óscar Ramón-Jorquera, was the founder, without being aware, of a way of life. Craftsman, cabinetmaker, carpenter, blacksmith, artist and, in a way, musician, he represents the deep roots of a project that has survived to this day.

Nowadays, we have reached a landmark and a desire that it dates back to 60’s: to have in the same space the shop, the workshop and a space for concerts. From 2014 we have fix our headquarters at c/ Fernando Agulló nº 10, Barcelona

Since then, there has been a constant dropping of experiences and sensations, beyond the limits of a profession or a company, and some of these experiences have a very special memory in our family signature book.

In 2018 and after a lifetime of tinkering in the workshop learning from artisan technicians and cabinetmakers, Oscar Ramón-Jorquera joins Jorquera Pianos definitively, taking over the direction together with his mentor Helena Jorquera.

Helena Jorquera's knowledge and experience together with Óscar Ramón-Jorquera's new ideas and entrepreneurial spirit are taking the family business to the next level.


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